About us

What we do

The 48 PROJECTS Inc. creates, organizes, develops and administers unique projects for the global community. The 48 Projects line is a series of creative endeavours that have a 48-hour competition period for participants. This series of 48-hour competitions are meant to foster creativity, and promote various forms of art and entertainment. Each of the 48 Projects will provide multiple opportunities for participants to learn, grow, and discover their unique talents while competing for prizes and the chance to promote their own careers in a showcase event tailored to the project at hand.

These projects are completed at the participants’ convenience and locale, and submitted online. This rich project line reaches out to artists in various communities. Participants require no experience; they may be amateurs or professionals. They decide on their own team members and team size. Freedom and autonomy are emphasized within each competition, with minimal guidelines to ensure compliance with the rules as well as adding a creative, challenging element to the competitions.

Who we are

The 48 PROJECTS Inc. executive management team consists of highly experienced professionals with extensive contacts and strong, long-standing relationships with media and influential members in every sector of the entertainment industry. The team draws on both these far-reaching contacts and superb creative strategies as essential tools in the development of the arts and entertainment industries.

Francesco Vitali

Francesco Vitali

Francesco Vitali is the mastermind and founder of Creamy White Inc. and the 48 Projects Inc. He is also the Executive Producer of 48FILM Festival and 48MUSIC, as well all series of the 48 Project concepts.

After completing his Master’s Degree in Communication Studies and Marketing, he began his early career as a journalist in Athens, Greece.

Later he moved to the USA and studied acting and directing in New York. He was at one time Artistic Director of the historic Tamarind Theatre in Los Angeles.

Chris Siametis

Chris Siametis

Chris Siametis is the co founder of Creamy White Inc. and the Executive Producer of 48FILM Festival and 48MUSIC.

After graduating in Business Administration, Christos produced and promoted consumer brands and individual artists, as well as singers, actors, directors and models. He is also Executive Producer of the line of 48 Projects.

John Barounis

John Barounis Development Director

John Barounis is the brain behind the code. His main ability is to understand and solve problems by developing high level algorithms.

He has graduated from the Department of Informatics Engineering of the Technological Educational Institute of Crete. He worked at the university of La Rochelle in France, developing the software Authentication Manager using CAS - Central Authentication System and more

Ilenya Lekka

Ilenya Lekka Art Director

Ilenya Lekka is our Art Director. She graduated from Goldsmiths College [University of London] with an MA in Image and Communication.

She is a multi-talented and multi-media creative professional with extensive commercial experience in graphic design, AV design, production and post-production.