History and Current Projects

In 2009, Executive Producer Francesco Vitali and Producer Christos Siametis created 48 hour Go Green Athens as a pilot project. This program was created to be concurrent with the United Nations Climate Change Conference. 48 hour Go Green Athens was a huge success, and the income from the screening was given to the WWF (World Wildlife Federation).

The Top Winner was able to see the winning film screened in Cannes.

In 2010, Francesco and Chris created and presented the 48 Hour Music Project sponsored by SONY MUSIC. The President and Artistic Director was the very famous European artist Dimitra Galani. Coordinator of the live performances was the well-acclaimed composer Nikos Patrelakis.

48 Music Project was launched on January 1, 2014 as the International Online Music Competition.

In 2010, they also presented the 48 hour Fashion Project. The Artistic Director was the famous designer, Vassilis Zoulias. This was an haute couture event with runways, top models, high fashion, editorials, and fashion shows. Both of these were live events, held as pilot projects in Athens, Greece.

In 2011, 48 Go Green became an online international competition, headquartered in Cyprus. There were online events being held concurrently with live events in 10 major cities throughout the USA.

The Top 15 Winning films were shown in the Short Film Corner of Cannes International Film Festival and NAB Show in Las Vegas.

A total of 330 teams from more than 130 cities worldwide participated in this event!

In 2012, 48 Projects Inc. headquartered in the USA. In 48 Go Green, the host city component was dropped, and the competition was held solely online.

2012’s 48 Go Green was divided into three groups, and the Top 15 winners of the competition had their films screened in Hollywood, California at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ prestigious Samuel Goldwyn Theater.

In 2014, we merged 48 Go Green and 48 Film Project into one very powerful project.

And the great news is, starting in 2014, all 48 Projects give the participant total power and control of their project. From any location on the planet, from urban jungle, dreamy shoreline, dusty outback or far-flung places, creative self-starters need only their kit and an internet connection, to join in the fun. They choose their genre and the brainstorming begins.

We did away with kick-off days! Participants choose when they want to compete: day or night, weekday or weekend. It's up to each team to decide. It's all systems go for a mad sleepless two days to dash from concept to completion in 48 hours.

The 48 FILM Project is online. And for 2014, we've kept the cost low, to reach as wide a market place as possible and significantly broaden the scope of the prospective customer base.